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Welcome to the Zotonic User Guide. This guide is a non-technical introduction to Zotonic.

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Add more chapters to have a complete run-through of all user-facing aspects of Zotonic.

See for getting help and support.

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if you’re a developer who’s already familiar with Zotonic, you may want to read the Developer Guide instead.

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CMS user guide

Zotonic is a Content Management System (CMS). Todo extend CMS introduction

The Zotonic data model user guide

Zotonic’s data model can be seen as a pragmatic implementation of the Semantic Web : a mixture between a traditional database and a triple store. The data model has two main concepts: the resource…

User management user guide

Create new users In the admin, under ‘Auth’ > ‘Users’ you can find a list of all users. Use the ‘Make a new user’ button to create a new user with a username/password identity. Note This requires…

Issues and features user guide

If you encounter any issues in using Zotonic, or have ideas for new features, please let us know at the Zotonic issue tracker . You need to have a free GitHub account to do so. Before submitting a…

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Developer Guide developer guide

The technical handbook for developers building websites with Zotonic. It guides you through all aspects of the framework. Introduction Getting Started Docker Directory structure Sites The Status…

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